Can You Work And Receive SSDI? Allsup Highlights Dual Purpose of Benefits During Disability Employment Awareness Month

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Former workers who apply for disability, can receive Social Security benefits and use programs like Ticket to Work as U.S. job market expands

Belleville, IL. — October 4, 2018 — Disability Employment Awareness Month in October shines the spotlight on important programs like Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), which has a dual purpose of providing income and helping former workers return to work, according to TrueHelp, a division of Allsup. The nation’s premier disability representation company encourages individuals who currently receive Social Security disability benefits to learn about and participate in the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work program.

“More than half of all initial SSDI applicants who come to Allsup tell us they would like to work again if their conditions improve or stabilize,” said Paula Morgan, return to work case manager at Allsup Employment Services. “The Ticket to Work program offers these individuals the smoothest on-ramp back into the workforce, with services that allow them to test their ability to work without jeopardizing their hard-earned benefits.”

Finding work with a disability brings additional challenges. For example, past careers may no longer be open, due to new limitations. Also, some employers maintain misconceptions and stereotypes about hiring individuals with disabilities. Evidence of this is in the 8% unemployment rate for individuals with a disability, which remains far above the national average of 3.8% overall.

To help individuals get back to work, the Ticket to Work program offers features like a Trial Work Period, during which beneficiaries can test their ability to work and continue receiving SSDI. Ticket to Work also provides an extended period of Medicare eligibility, expedited reinstatement of SSDI income if you become unable to work again, and program deductions for impairment-related work expenses.

The program also provides access to Social Security-approved Employment Networks (ENs) like Allsup Employment Services. Allsup has helped more than 300,000 people to receive their SSDI benefits. The online tool empower by Allsup® combines an SSDI assessment for eligibility and Social Security disability application support, along with return to work guidance for those who may medically recover. Allsup has a 53% success rate at the application level, compared to the national average of 34%.

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