Once the Paycheck Stops, What Do People Do?

National disability benefits representative helps thousands apply for SSDI successfully, explore returning to work with a disability, and reclaim their lives

Albany Times Union reporter Madison Iszler recently profiled New York residents who were denied Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits at the application level, and are stuck in the disability benefits backlog, waiting for a hearing.

“Madison Iszler Madison Iszler People have depleted their retirement savings, declared bankruptcy, lost their homes and even died waiting to receive benefits,” the article quotes Mike Stein, assistant vice president of operations strategy and planning at Allsup.

According to Iszler’s article, in 2013, the average time from the date someone requested a hearing until it was held in Albany was 12 months. By this January, the wait had stretched to 18 months.

Former workers who are approved at the initial level avoid the need for a hearing and can obtain their disability benefits in months instead of waiting two years or more. Help with the initial SSDI application is available at FileSSDI.Allsup.com.

Click here to read the article, Disability Benefits: A Long Anxious Wait.


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