taiWhen people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them I’m a matchmaker—but officially, I’m Allsup’s Manager of Strategic Alliances.

I do my best to help people get connected—and find that “perfect match”—with those nonprofit organizations that focus on helping people with disabilities and chronic conditions.

For example, Allsup provides information and access to the National Stroke Association to our customers who are stroke survivors. We also help their family caregivers through our collaboration with the National Family Caregivers Association. Every day, we help thousands of individuals get connected with the organizations that exist to serve them.  

I manage the information and stories you see on Allsup Place. You’ll also find me speaking about SSDI at professional conferences or promoting SSDI literacy at health fairs and other public events.

I love it when the information I share inspires hope in someone who felt like giving up, or when someone who did not know where to turn finds help through what I do. I get to introduce our customers to entire groups of people dedicated to making their lives healthier, easier and more enjoyable. What’s not to love?

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