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You can get SSDI
and go back to work.

It’s a fact that many people just don’t know.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) helps when you can’t work – and when you’d like to try working again. Benefits include a steady monthly income and access to Medicare, plus Ticket to Work. It protects all your SSDI benefits during recovery and when you try working again.

Allsup helps you get everything you can from your disability benefits.

For 30+ years, we’ve helped people claim all they deserve from SSDI: steady monthly income, Medicare, and help returning to work. So far, that adds up to helping 300,000 people nationwide. We’d like to help you too. The first step is gathering a few details about you. They’ll stay 100% confidential and quickly get you started on what’s next.

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You can find more information online. We have more than one solution to help you make the most of everything SSDI offers. Let’s start there.

True Help lives up to its name, assisting individuals with general SSDI needs throughout the entire process: applying, appeals, approvals, and getting set up for benefits.


Allsup Employment Services focuses on returning to work with SSDI. As a Social Security-approved Employment Network, our services are free and your benefits are protected while you try working again.


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