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SSDI Extended Benefits from Allsup

Help beyond group insurance for employees with disabilities who can’t work

Even when your organization offers short-term and long-term disability coverage, there will be employees who opt out or are ineligible. Don’t let them leave discouraged and wondering “What now?” Instead, steer them to SSDI Extended Benefits from Allsup. This Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) representation service is for employees who don’t have access to long-term disability benefits. It helps employees secure government-provided SSDI at a discounted rate, at no cost to employers.


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Your organization pays nothing to offer SSDI representation services to employees who are leaving their jobs due to an extended disability.

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Allsup offers a free consultation and 10% savings on SSDI representation services, with no payment due unless we secure an SSDI award.

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Social Security Disability Insurance provides income to replace a portion of lost wages, paid monthly to those who qualify.
SSDI approval can activate benefits for children under the age of 18, adding up to 50% more to an individual monthly payment.
When the SSA evaluates cost of living and sees an increase is needed, monthly payments automatically go up.
COBRA benefits can be extended for those approved for SSDI benefits, adding 11 months more to length of coverage.
24 months after SSDI benefits begin, recipients of any age are eligible for Medicare’s medical, hospital and prescription coverage.
SSDI recipients are supported if they return to work, with free help from a certified Employment Network, protection for SSDI income, and more.
Approval for SSDI triggers a Social Security earnings record freeze that can result in a higher retirement income.
For many SSDI recipients, a portion of each month’s SSDI benefit payment is not subject to income taxes.

Why Allsup?

Applying for SSDI without representation is frustrating, and 2 out of 3 first-time applicants are denied benefits nationwide. Our SSDI representation services are designed to minimize stress and maximize success. In our 35-year history, we’ve secured more than 300,000 approvals and our award rates are more than 75% higher than national averages, at every level.


Explore No-Cost Employee Support

SSDI Extended Benefits helps ensure the transition from work to disability benefits is seamless for both employers and employees. We’d be happy to share more information about how you can add it to your company’s benefits package.

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