Allsup Publishes E-Book to Simplify Getting SSDI Benefits, Improve Chances of Success for Eligible Former Workers

e-book coverNew e-book from national disability representation organization breaks down the complicated SSDI process for current and future disability applicants

Belleville, Illinois — June 4, 2018 — Allsup, the nation’s premier disability representation company®, announced today that it has published an e-book to help those with disabilities obtain Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The book, “Applying For Social Security Disability Insurance: Getting It Right The First Time,” provides vital help for reducing the amount of time it takes to successfully navigate the notoriously complex, stressful and lengthy federal disability insurance program.

The e-book is written by Jim Allsup, founder, chairman, and CEO of Allsup, an SSDI representation company that has helped more than 300,000 individuals obtain their SSDI benefits. Easy-to-read chapters outline: how to determine within 15 minutes if you’re eligible for SSDI benefits before you apply; valuable tips for applying, improving your odds of receiving benefits quickly, and step-by-step guidance through the application and decision process. A PDF version is available free on and for purchase and use on e-readers at

Throughout the book, readers can learn from the personal accounts of SSDI applicants, with a range of physical and mental health issues, who successfully navigated the process and received their benefits. To help readers better understand the complexities of the SSDI system, the book explains in plain language the terminology the Social Security Administration uses when deciding applicants’ claims.

“This book provides rare, sound advice from an insider who understands what it takes to navigate the SSDI program,” said Mary Dale Walters, Allsup senior vice president of Strategic Communications and the e-book’s editor. “Whether you are struggling to stay at work and considering applying for SSDI, or you’re just beginning the application process, the e-book offers vital tips that can help you make it through successfully and as quickly as possible.”

“Applying For Social Security Disability Insurance: Getting It Right The First Time” also provides important guidance on coordinating SSDI with other benefits, such as private long-term disability insurance. In addition, Allsup covers the important, but little-known, benefits of SSDI, such as free return to work assistance through the Ticket to Work program, exclusively for SSDI beneficiaries.

“Nationally, only about 34 percent of those who apply for SSDI are awarded benefits when they first apply,” said Walters. “With help, you can improve the odds by more than 50 percent. That means waiting four months instead of three years to confirm you’re eligible for benefits you paid for while working.”

With its online tool, empower by Allsup®, individuals can receive a wide variety of services, including a 15-minute online SSDI eligibility assessment, Social Security disability application support and return-to-work guidance for those who may medically recover. The tool is accessible by desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

To get started and apply for disability benefits, visit

E-book details: Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance: Getting It Right The First Time, ISBN: 978-1-62660-140-6, Copyright 2018. Available on Amazon ($7.99) and (free PDF).


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