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SSDI Representation

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits is easier with True Help, an expert in disability representation.

There are two major types of paid Social Security Disability Insurance representatives that deal with the Social Security Administration (SSA). Specialized organizations like us have trained representatives who are experienced in handling SSDI claims in local communities across the country. Law firms may or may not have attorneys solely focused on SSDI claims.

Make Sure Your Claim Is Successful By Getting The Support You Need

Choosing disability representation is especially important in the earliest stages of the SSDI approval process. Without help, your initial application may be denied and the delays associated with filing appeals are lengthy. With assistance from True Help, you get support wherever you are in the process and our approval rates are higher than the national average. Many attorneys, however, don’t accept disability claims until reaching the hearing level. If you choose a True Help expert like us, you will typically receive your benefits and income sooner and can avoid the appeal and hearing levels of the process.

Consider That…

More than half of people who try navigating the SSDI process without help will fail.

Two in three people who file an application on their own are eventually denied.

An Expert Guide Like True Help Makes The SSDI Journey Easier

Applying for Social Security disability benefits and understanding how to navigate an appeal can be daunting. It’s a complex process that’s easier to tackle with an expert like us.

Without True Help, it can seem like the equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest. Think of your disability application as base camp. If you’re not prepared and don’t know what’s needed for each level of the climb ahead, you’ll find it too difficult to make progress and keep going.

An already demanding journey doesn’t need more obstacles. But it makes sense to find a simpler, easier way and that’s what we do. Just like a trusted Sherpa, you can count on True Help. Our disability representation provides the valuable guidance and support, which makes all the difference when your peak concern is receiving SSDI benefits as soon as possible.

That’s why True Help is the expert guide you need to get the benefits you deserve. With more than 30 years of success, make sure you have the advantage of True Help.

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Expert Assistance Makes All The Difference

It’s worth having expert representation when the result is getting the SSDI benefits you deserve. With True Help and empower on your side, you have the assurance of knowing:

Your application will be reviewed for accuracy and submitted correctly the first time

You will be supported and guided by knowledgeable experts at every step in the process

You have 50% better approval odds of getting benefits at the initial application level