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Return to Work

With your SSDI and our True Help, you can take full advantage of the Social Security’s Ticket to Work incentives.

After a devastating health issue, work can be a part of your life again. Finding fulfilling employment is possible and Allsup Employment Services can help. Our services are free and available when you’re ready.

You can go back to work with SSDI and reclaim your financial future. The Ticket to Work program protects your SSDI and Medicare benefits as you attempt a return to work. To benefit from Ticket to Work, you need to use a Social Security-approved Employment Network like Allsup Employment Services. Let us guide you each step along the way.

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Allsup Employment Services Helps When:

Your health has stabilized and your employer wants you back

You want to work but have questions about protecting your SSDI benefits

You need support from an SSA-approved Employment Network

How Allsup Employment Services Supports You

Once you contact Allsup Employment Services, we can help you in several ways. Our team works to make sure you understand how the Ticket to Work program can improve your financial future and how to access all the incentives available to you. Some incentives protect your SSDI and Medicare benefits, while other incentives help you continue on the path to working full time. Most importantly, we want to help you protect your access to your SSDI benefits as you begin your return to work.

Getting Ready & Learning More

Learn how you can work and still receive your SSDI benefits through the Ticket to Work program.

Finding A Job & Going To Work

Receive guidance and coaching on finding and maintaining employment for your financial future.

Meeting Social Security’s Rules

We help with reporting your earnings and maintaining your Ticket with Social Security for your benefits protection.

Return to Work Incentives

There are a number of advantages when attempting to return to work. These include key financial benefits offered by Social Security.

These incentives extend and protect your SSDI benefits and your healthcare coverage through Medicare for several years. In fact, when combined, you can receive up to 8 years of protection for your SSDI while you attempt to work.

Going back to work is worth so much more…

Along with these program incentives, there are important personal rewards that you can experience from returning to work. These include the ability to:

  • Raise your income even higher
  • Retrieve an important part of who you are through your work
  • Discover purpose in your day and build connections with others
  • Provide vital security for your own future

Our Services Are Free

You won’t pay anything to receive assistance from Allsup Employment Services. We’re a Social Security-approved Employment Network, which means federal Ticket to Work funds cover the help we provide to you.

“Thank you for everything. It has been a pleasure to work with you. You are very skilled at what you do and are very sensitive to the nature of disability difficulties as well, such a nice blend of professionalism.”

Mike, from Kansas, Allsup Employment Services customer

Return to Work FAQs

Employment Networks
An Employment Network (EN) is an organization that enters into an agreement with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to provide services to individuals like you. Allsup Employment Services is an SSA-approved EN and is listed in their national directory.
Allsup Employment Services can help you no matter where you live. We offer assistance in all 50 states and U.S. territories.
Work Incentives

Yes, you can receive SSDI benefits and work for a specific time period. Following that time period, you can also receive SSDI benefits for any month where your earnings fall too low.

Through the Ticket to Work program, you can continue to receive both SSDI and earnings from work for about one year, with additional options after this first year.

You can earn much more money from working than you would ever get from SSDI benefits, plus you can work for a certain time and receive both your earnings and SSDI.
Earning Money
Social Security oversees how much you can earn and continue to receive SSDI benefits. During the first year you attempt to work, you may earn as much as you are capable. We can help you understand your options over time, especially if you’re able to work for longer than a year.
You can work with an Employment Network like Allsup Employment Services to help you report your earnings. This can be a confusing process, and it’s important that you keep your records current to ensure your SSDI benefits continue.

It’s important to keep accurate records to make sure you receive the monetary monthly benefits to which you’re entitled.

Ticket to Work
Ticket to Work is a program offered through the Social Security Administration (SSA) that provides you with many advantages when you go back to work, including continuing to receive SSDI income and Medicare coverage while working.
The Social Security Administration (SSA) oversees Ticket to Work and relies on Employment Networks like Allsup Employment Services to provide free services to individuals like you as you return to work.
No, but many people make mistakes when they go back to work without the help of an Employment Network. You can miss out on important financial benefits, incentives that support your work attempt, and long-term protection for your SSDI benefits. Allsup Employment Services can help you navigate the program and ensure you get the full incentives you’re entitled to receive.

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