Paul GadaI am the New Products Director and Personal Financial Planning Director for Allsup. Because our company understands the impact a permanent disability can have on your finances, I manage Allsup services that address the financial and healthcare needs of those who turn to us for help, such as the Allsup Medicare Advisor® and Disability Life Planning Service®. I’m also the company resource on financial planning, especially taxes.

As a tax attorney, I can tell you from personal experience that you need all the help you can get with taxes. I still remember trying to study for my first income tax final in law school, praying for deliverance and swearing I’d never take another tax course again. That seems so long ago and funny now, after my years of experience, plus the master’s degree in taxes I completed after law school. So, why not benefit from my years of pain and suffering to get this knowledge?

Paul Gada is no longer with our organization. Visit the Allsup News Room for more information on reaching someone with Allsup. Or, contact our corporate offices at (800) 854-1418. Thank you.