I am the Internet Marketing Manager for Allsup. Anything you see on our many websites – I have my hand in it. I enjoy helping customers and visitors find what they need using our websites and social media outlets, and probably my favorite is our secure online community, Allsup Place®. I also get to share some good information and news in our e-newsletters and with our social media fans. All of it makes for interesting days. We’re always working to offer you something new and more useful to make your experience with us even better.

When I was little, kids didn’t have computers in their rooms and the Internet was just getting started. Now, kids have unlimited access to the World Wide Web from their fingertips. We have any information one could want at our disposal, and it grows by the second.  When I’m not trying to keep up with the ever-changing Internet, I enjoy spending time with my husband and enjoying the outdoors. Keep an eye out for more exciting online news and happenings, and if you haven’t checked out our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages, we are always posting fun and useful information there.