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How We Help

We understand disability from your perspective.

When a disability changes your way of life, choices can be overwhelming. We can make one decision easier. When you need disability assistance, you need a True Help expert. Our specialized services get results for people with disabilities and the organizations that support them.

How Is True Help Different?

We offer a complete range of inter-related services that guide individuals throughout the disability process.

SSDI Benefits

We offer a unique application experience by combining expert representation assistance and personal support with the online convenience of empower.


Return to Work

You have access to a Social Security-approved Employment Network that fully understands the SSA’s Ticket to Work program and can help you explore work options when you’re able.


Veterans Disability

Our VA-accredited claims agents, some of whom are also veterans, know the appeal process and how to break through barriers to get your service-connected disability benefits.


Healthcare Assistance

Receive help finding affordable plan options before and after receiving SSDI benefits so you can make an informed choice about your coverage.


“If I had done this on my own, I would never have been approved. Allsup made this amazingly stress free.”

- Tami, 55, from Conroe, TX Depression

Advantages Of True Help

Discover the many factors we provide to our valued customers that make us unique.


You have a better way to apply for SSDI benefits with empower right at your fingertips. This convenient online tool makes the application and appeal process easier for you right from the beginning.

96% Success Rate

Your approval is our top priority. We have a high award rate for those who complete the process with us, which far exceeds the national average of those applying without help.

50% Better Approval Odds

You can improve your chances of receiving income and benefits quickly at the initial application level vs. applying for SSDI on your own.

97% Satisfaction Rate

Your satisfaction is important to us. Our customers tell us they’re satisfied with their experience and would recommend us to a friend or family member.

Your Disability Advocate

You have a powerful advocate on your side. With True Help, you receive the support and guidance you need to claim your benefits.

Personalized Experience

You have access to experts who specialize in disability services and have accumulated decades of experience working for and dealing with the SSA.

Nationwide Assistance

Your location is our location. We provide national representation at all levels of the process, from application to local hearings and beyond SSDI.

Allsup Place

Your home base for accessing your personal claim information. Our secure online community is where you can stay in touch with us, find support resources and share your experiences with others.

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Needs Beyond SSDI

You get more with True Help

The specialized assistance and value we offer to our customers extends beyond Social Security disability representation. As a True Help customer, you have access to healthcare insurance services and return to work assistance at absolutely no cost to you!

We’re committed to the specific needs of people with disabilities just like you. If you want to return to work, need representation as a veteran, or find better healthcare coverage, you need True Help.

Return to Work

As an SSDI recipient, you can access important incentives through the SSA’s Ticket to Work program. Explore your work options without losing your SSDI income and Medicare benefits with Allsup Employment Services.


Dual SSDI/Veterans Appeal

Appeal a low benefits rating or denial with help from our VA-accredited claims agents. If you’re unable to work due to your health condition, find out if you’re eligible for both VA and SSDI disability benefits.


Healthcare Assistance

We can help you find healthcare coverage before and after receiving your SSDI benefits. This includes determining your eligibility for Marketplace exchange plans, Medicaid and Medicare.


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