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Healthcare Assistance For SSDI Customers

Maintain your coverage before and after receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

Many people who file for disability struggle to maintain consistent access and use of medical treatment and coverage. The risk of losing healthcare insurance can be due to reduced income, loss of employer or private health insurance benefits, and other coverage transition issues from having a disability.

Don’t Lose Your Insurance While Waiting For SSDI Benefits

As an SSDI customer, you and family members including dependents, have access to healthcare insurance assistance at no cost! We can help you protect and keep your healthcare coverage during the crucial months of waiting to receive your benefits. It’s important to have medical treatment and doctor documentation when applying for SSDI, which is why our healthcare assistance can improve the likelihood that you’ll be approved for disability benefits.

We help you determine eligibility options

If you’re on COBRA or lose your employer or private health insurance coverage while waiting for disability benefits, one of our specialists can talk with you about your options. We can evaluate your eligibility for Marketplace exchange plans, which includes potential tax credits or subsidies that lower monthly premiums, or Medicaid in many states.

Consider that…

About 1/3 of our SSDI customers tell us they may lose or can’t afford their health insurance while waiting for SSDI benefits.

Get Medicare Help After Receiving SSDI Benefits

Once you’re approved for SSDI benefits, you become eligible for Medicare coverage 24 months after your SSDI benefits begin. Transitioning to Medicare can be a confusing process and there are dozens of plan options and coverage considerations available.

As an SSDI customer, you and family members can take advantage of the Allsup Medicare Advisor enrollment service at no cost! You’ll receive a better understanding of Medicare that will help you chose the Medicare coverage and plan that works best for you.

Here’s how we can help you:

Personal Needs Assessment

Our specialists will consult with you about your individual needs, lifestyle preferences, budget and any other considerations you have. This will help determine which Medicare options and plans fit into and meet your coverage requirements.

Enrollment Assistance

Depending on which Medicare plan you choose, our specialists can help you enroll so you don’t miss any enrollment deadlines that could pose a penalty risk in the future.


Interested In Fee-Based Options For Allsup Medicare Advisor?

For a deeper in-depth analysis of your Medicare coverage needs, Allsup Medicare Advisor also offers fee-based levels of service. In addition to a personal needs assessment and enrollment assistance, our specialists research all available coverage options, compare plan costs, review quality ratings, and prepare a customized report to share with you.

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