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Healthcare Assistance for Businesses

Discover Insurance Cost Savings with Solutions That Work

When you enlisted in the armed forces, you may have anticipated a tough road ahead. Now that you’re a veteran, the road may still seem pretty tough. Let Allsup help you get where you need to go.

We’re focused on helping you appeal, when you get a response to your VA Disability claim that doesn’t seem fair or adequate. Our VA-accredited claims agents make this as easy as possible, putting their experience navigating complicated government processes to work for you.

Without expert guidance, navigating healthcare insurance benefits is a bit like finding yourself at an archeological dig. At the surface, you’re aware of insurance complexities, program rules and bureaucracy that affect your business and its employees. But you may not know that a hidden layer of opportunity exists that can save your business thousands of dollars annually. It’s important to know where or what to look for when planning insurance transitions or these key savings will be missed.

With Allsup’s help, you can more easily uncover the cost-effective solutions that will benefit your business. You also need the right tools to support your high cost employee population groups. We take care of that, too. Your employees will be exposed to the resources they need to gain a deeper understanding of the plans and coverage options that will work best for their personal needs.

Quickly Generate Savings

Your business may be able to save up to $8,500 per person annually in claims costs with better solutions for groups such as retirees and those with disabilities.

4 Customized Solutions For Any Size Business

Allsup Medicare Coordination

Your business can decrease claims costs and save thousands of dollars by becoming secondary payer to Medicare.

Allsup Medicare Advisor

If your business doesn’t offer or is phasing out retiree coverage, make sure your Medicare-eligible participants have the guidance to choose Medicare wisely.

Allsup Medicare Verification

We can help your business identify and smoothly transition retirees onto a private healthcare exchange by properly enrolling them in Medicare Parts A and B.

Allsup Benefits Coordination

A key resource when your business needs to move special population groups from your group health plan to Medicare, Marketplace plans or Medicaid coverage.


Focus on Your Active Employees While We Assist Everyone Else

Special population groups are often overlooked as a source of added savings when streamlining healthcare benefit costs. By identifying individuals that need assistance, we can implement a custom solution that will support the unique needs of your business and its employees.

Early Retirees under age 65

Employees/Retirees age 65+

Employees with Disabilities


Part-Time/Low-Income Employees

Spouses and Dependents

We Make Insurance Transitions Easy and Efficient

Healthcare is complicated and costly. It takes an expert to identify and resolve issues that can be difficult to understand or cause a strain on staff resources. With Allsup, your business and employees have access to trained healthcare benefit specialists that have the knowledge and expertise to simplify a complex process. Here are some other valuable reasons why it makes sense to use Allsup.

Saves Your Organization Money

  • Current and future group health plan expenses are reduced over time

  • The administrative costs for using and training internal resources are eliminated

Creates a Better Experience

  • The burden and headaches on your administrative staff is alleviated

  • The transition process is smoother for your plan participants

How Our Fees Work

There are no consulting fees or start-up costs with Allsup. Our fees are determined by the services you select to create a customized solution for your organization.

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