Spurgeon_Brian_blogSometimes it’s a little hard to believe, but I joined the Allsup team right out of college 26 years ago.

I don’t use the term “team” lightly. After all, organized, efficient teams are the lifeblood of American business, technology and sports. Fantastic success stories from the likes of General Motors, Google and the New York Yankees all started with a cohesive team of professionals led by like-minded team leaders. Being a member—and often a leader—of teams has always been an important part of my life. I was captain of my high school football team for three years. I was proud to be manager of my college tennis team, and later, I was captain of my semi-pro football team in Illinois.

I take the team concept and the responsibility of team building very seriously. My Allsup roles have included claimant representative, appeals analyst and several supervisory positions. When I bring a new person into my group, I help them become comfortable as part of our team and I help them grow professionally. The better I do that, the better Allsup can serve you.

Much of my job is gathering, digesting and managing information amidst the ever-changing Social Security landscape. Ensuring quality service in an environment that is constantly changing is a tremendous challenge. It’s our job to navigate through those changes and get our customers through the SSDI or Medicare process successfully.

But that’s also what makes my job so enjoyable. When I get home after work, I can sit down at the dinner table with my wife and I can tell her how my team helped so many people that day.

And that’s a great feeling for any team leader.

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