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Allsup Employment Services

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You can go back to work with SSDI and reclaim your financial future. The Ticket to Work program protects your SSDI and Medicare benefits as you attempt a return to work. To benefit from Ticket to Work, you need to use a Social Security-approved Employment Network like Allsup Employment Services. Let us guide you each step along the way.

How Allsup Employment Services Supports You

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For any 9 months that accumulate during a 60-month period, you can test your ability to work again and receive your full SSDI benefits in addition to your job earnings.
After Your TWP ends, you get full SSDI benefits for the first 3 months of this 36-month period in addition to your job earnings. After that, you receive SSDI benefits for any month your job earnings drop below a certain level.
After your TWP ends, your Medicare coverage continues for 93 consecutive months (7+ years). You still receive coverage during this time even if your SSDI payments end because your earning level went above the SSA limit.
If you become unable to work again within 5 years after your EPE ends, you can request to have your SSDI benefits restarted without filing a new application, even if your benefits ended because of your earning level.
Social Security periodically reviews disability claims depending on age and medical condition to determine if you still qualify as disabled. As part of the Ticket to Work program, your CDR will be suspended.

Our services are FREE!

You won’t pay anything to receive assistance from Allsup Employment Services. We’re a Social Security-approved Employment Network, which means federal Ticket to Work funds cover the help we provide to you.

Give us a call and we’ll talk about all of this stuff and other stuff.

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