I’m the senior product specialist for Allsup’s Medicare plan selection service, the Allsup Medicare Advisor®. From reviewing new legislation to developing new services, I’m all Medicare, all the time. I love helping people understand how Medicare works, and learning more about it myself. Even better is having a hand in making sure that people get the coverage they need when they become eligible for Medicare.

Before I ever got into product development a long time ago, I was a freelance writer. I never would’ve dreamed I’d wind up where I am now. With all the changes happening to Medicare and all the work we’re doing at Allsup to keep up with it all, life at work never gets dull. And when I’m not developing new products, I’m usually playing with my two kids or relaxing with my husband. Thanks for visiting Allsup’s blog, and I hope you come back often for more news.

Adrienne Muralidharan is no longer with our organization. Visit the Allsup News Room for more information on reaching someone with Allsup. Or, contact our corporate offices at (800) 854-1418. Thank you.